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Looking For A Warm And Caring Family Dentist In Waterdown?

Magnolia Dental is a boutique dental office in Waterdown. We offer a full range of dental services to take care of you and your family’s teeth, from regular checkups and teeth cleanings, to dental emergencies, to your children’s first dental appointment, we’re here for you. We aim to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere at our practice. Customer service and deriving a great patient experience is very important to us. Have a look through our patient testimonials to see why so many have picked Magnolia to be their dentist in Waterdown.  We are accepting new patients and would love to have you. Booking a dental appointment can be done easily through our website or just give us a call and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to assist you. Magnolia Dental is the winner of the Best Dental Services Award.

What dental help are you looking for ?

I need Urgent Dental Care

We understand that dental emergencies can happen any time. That’s why we offer same day dental emergency appointments so you don’t have to suffer with pain.

Helpful Tips

I am not happy with the way my teeth look

Clear Aligners , Veneers , Implants and Smile designing can help you regain the smile and confidence.

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I am looking for a new Dentist

Timely visits to a dentist is very important so you can continue carrying a healthy smile. Book your Dental exam and cleaning appointment.

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Why Pick Magnolia As Your Dentist In Waterdown?

Our aim is to make dental visit a pleasant experience for you and your family so that you start looking forward to your dental trips. In this journey of getting quality, comfortable and stress free dental care, let’s take small steps, one step at a time.

A Family dentist that treats you like family

If you have faced difficulty in finding the family dentist that can help you get the quality dental care with comfort and care, Magnolia Dental in Waterdown will help you for sure.

We understand you

We know that dental anxiety and dental problems are real and go hand in hand. That’s why we focus on understanding your dental needs from your perspective and together with you in focus, we find a treatment that delivers to make you smile.

At Your Service

We strive to provide excellent customer service. Our practice is open when it’s convenient for you and we try to maintain flexible operating hours. Trying to squeeze in your whole family? We would be happy to accommodate you by booking appointments close together so you only have to make one trip.

Family Friendly, Kid Focused

From their very first appointment and beyond– children’s dentistry comes with its own unique set of milestones and challenges. We have the training and knowledge to monitor their dental health journey and gently encourage a lifetime of good oral health and hygiene in a way that works for both kids and parents.

Comfy & Cozy Space

Our waiting room and operatory were designed to make you warm and comfy. We won’t keep you waiting, but while you’re here we hope you enjoy the ambiance. If there is anything else we can do to help you feel comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask.

One Stop for Complete Dental Care

Be it a regular Dental Checkup, Cleaning or Getting new Dental Implants to Dental Emergencies ad Root Canal Treatment, Wisdom Teeth Extraction and procedures as veneers, dental fillings, We got you. Your dentists will make sure that you are looked after for your each and every concern with a quality and experienced dentistry that you’ll love.

Meet Our Dentists

With a combined dental experience of over 30 years, Dr. Shelly and Dr. Inkesh Bajaj have helped change lives by creating countless beautiful smiles. Working together with a wide range of clinical procedures, you’ll be at ease to know that your dentists will be able to deliver a top notch dental treatment no matter how complex the case is. Be it gentle, caring nature of Dr. Shelly or high spirited Dr. Inkesh, You’ll enjoy having dental treatment with the two set of eyes of this dentist couple.

Dental Services In Waterdown

Magnolia Dental Setting New Standards for Patients Care

From your child‘s first dental check-up to teeth whitening before your wedding day, you’ll be glad Magnolia Dental is where you chose to call home for your whole family’s dental care needs. From general dentistry as Tooth colored fillings, Root Canal Treatment, wisdom teeth removal and emergency dental care to invisalign and other advanced cosmetic dental treatments, Magnolia Dental offers you comprehensive dental services in Waterdown. 

Why Patients Love Magnolia Dental

Yes Patients love us :

Kids Love Magnolia Dental
Kids Love Magnolia Dental
No Fear Dentistry
Ron Daws
Ron Daws
Very good dentist, thorough and caring. Always make sure that patient gets best dental experience. Highly recommend dentist in Waterdown.
Sandy MacDavid ActOn Agility
Sandy MacDavid ActOn Agility
Rick Ferreira
Rick Ferreira
Ranju Bakshi
Ranju Bakshi
Sharie Leblanc
Sharie Leblanc
Dr. Shelly and her assistant was amazing! They made me feel relaxed for my first visit! My husband and I have already booked for our cleaning!
Sharky Liu
Sharky Liu
Really good work! Professional and friendly staff and they gave me lower cost option compare to my previous dentist. Thank you!
V. Jones
V. Jones
The office staff is very attentive to the patient's all of them from your welcome to the procedure. Had to have emergency procedure and was called immediately to confirm appointment, I would highly recommend this wonderful team of people.
Neha P
Neha P
Amazing dental clinic with extremely knowledeable dentist. So happy to find best dental clinic with wonderful staff.
Swati Purohit
Swati Purohit
If someone ever look for best dentist and a best dental clinic then I would highly recommend Magnolia dental clinic. I went there for my invisalign appointment and I cant express how happy I am getting my smile back. I had lots of space in my front teeth which made me consious about my smile publically. I went to several dentist but they werent able to assure me that they can help me. But after constant research I came across with Magnolia Dental and wanted to try my luck again. Sure enough, I was so happy coming out of my consult day. Now when I got my invisalign braces I can clearly say that dentist at Magnolia are the best dentist I could ever met. GOT MY SMILE AND MY CONFIDENCE BACK !!!
Guneet Khakh
Guneet Khakh
I went to Magnolia dental for an emergency appointment for my tooth ache and not only I got complete relief but also I tranfer my dental care to the same clinic moving forward. The dentist is so knowledeable and treat patients with so much care which makes your visit comfortable. They also follow COVID protocols and clinic is really nice and tidy. I would highly recommend Magnolia dental given the fact they have amazing dentist and wonderful staff.

Is fear of seeing a dentist holding you back to get the smile you always wanted ?

What comes first : Dental anxiety that stops you from seeing a dentist or a dental problem that coupled with a bad past dental experience gives you that dental anxiety ?  Let’s make a change happen :Simple dental issues have a long term price to pay. Let’s Talk : We believe that a dental visit is not about jumping to a dental treatment and providing you a with a sheet of Treatment plan. At first it’s about understanding your dental needs and concerns : Your first dental visit is to have a chat with your dentist, share your thoughts , express your fears and concerns of dental treatment. Then let’s work together in finding a custom solution to help you smile back. Yes, we do offer Painless dental freezing, Sedation, Laughing gas. But first and foremost, this is about you. How we can help you start loving Dentists and dental visits ?

Is it true that Clear Aligners can straighten teeth without compromising comfort?

Yes it is. Clear Aligners as Invisalign, Sure Smile, Clear Correct have changed the way teeth straightening worked. Now, straight teeth are possible without the hassles of wires, brackets and most importantly it’s clear. No one would even know that you are getting teeth straightening done.

"I Love it when patients say : I love my dentist."

How common Is that ? Why do patients still don’t like going to dentists? Something needs a change: That’s where I feel work is still in progress. Not until the day when people start looking forward to their each and every dental appointment ?
When I have patients in my chair, after wisdom teeth removal : I like doing 1 particular thing : I tell the patient : “It’s done”. That look the patient gives me with an innocent astonishment, it makes my day. My assistant giggles at that instant as she would enjoy the relief the patient had after the extractions were done.

It’s this experience We want for all the patients. We built this practice with one vision : To understand your dental problem and then let’s find a solution that works. Simple.

Any dental treatment, be it a simple cleaning to wisdom teeth extraction, or dental implants, our goal is that the patients start having that love for dentistry and we’ll make it happen, together.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do You accept new patients ?

Yes we are currently accepting new patients. We’ll love to accept you as our patient so you can get quality dental treatment you always wanted stress free.

Do You Accept Dental Emergencies ?

We understand and accept dental emergencies. We know the urgency of a broken tooth, pain or dental infection, that’s why we offer same day dental emergencies so you don’t have to bear pain.

How do you tackle patients with dental anxiety

Simple: By having a chat with you. We believe in meeting you first, to understand your dental problems and then find a solution that helps. Yes, we have sedation, laughing gas, painless freezing available, but first Let’s chat !!

Do You offer Direct Insurance Billing

Yes we do Direct billing to your insurance. We accept all major local-area insurance providers. If you are unsure if your insurance is covered, we would be happy to check for you.

Is there parking at the practice ?

Yes, free parking is available, making a visit to Magnolia Dental as easy and convenient as possible.


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