Final day of the year. Looking back, it's been an awesome one, best year...

Final day of the year. Looking back, it's been an awesome one, best year of my life, it was rough, it was crazy, it was stressful and I'm so happy everything went down the way it did.

So here goes nothing.

1. Met some of the most AMAZING people in the world that I'm now working on a whole load of films with. Yeah, I'm looking at you, Matt, Torey, Bryan , and Wil.

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2. Discovered a side to my writing I never thought existed, the comedic side. And continued to deepen my willingness to be vulnerable and honest in my writing and that desire just keeps growing stronger.

3. I learned that my passion for creating doesn't stop on the page. New passions/obsessions include: Graphic design, DIY sewing projects, letterpress and screen printing + I happen to be falling back in love with the camera(both video and stills)

4. I may actually be more of a Director then I thought. The idea has been planted. Lets see where 2013 takes that revelation

5. Thankful for the continued support of non-filmmaking friends/fam in my life. Your understanding and willingness to take me as I am has been such an encouragement! Thank you!

6. I have discovered the very best way to drink coffee ever. Siphon brew and straight black.

7. I'm addicted to typography anything, and designing my own t-shirts.

8. I've never worked harder in my life pursuing the things that I love with everything that I have. And it paid off.

9. Choosing to live by this truth. People > Projects. Its way more important/valuable to invest in people then put tasks or projects at the forefront.

10. Burnt bridges can be mended but they require humility. Lots of it.

11. In the last 6 months of 2012 I wrote more successful content then I ever have before and I'm actually proud of most of it. Completed 4 shorts and two feature length screenplays, not to mention drafted at least 3 other features and outlined 2 more shorts.

12. I work with some of the most talented, caring, awesome, hilarious, and batsh*t crazy people on the planet. I love you guys all like it ain't nobodies business.

There we have it. 2012, you've been good to me. 2013, we got some scheming to tackle. Full speed ahead.

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