A Year In Review For 2012

This past summer was also his first summer at the Navy Child and Youth Program. He did amazing!! He is the only child there with a DD so it was a learning experience for all. He was able to participate in the Mazulachildren's theatre which brought tears to my eyes to see all those children and parents not only accept him, but welcome him to join them in the production!

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My daughter got married and moved away! The wedding preparations we're tough on little man. Mommy was very busy with sissy and he did not quite understand. Then all the people; he was very overwhelmed, but did amazingly well! I thought for sure he was going to run up to the altars o I held his belt loop. To my surprise he sat quietly almost as if he did understand this was his sissy's special day! The move was hard on all of us! At first Christopher kept looking for her and calling her name. After she moved we moved his room into hers. I was not sure how he would react but he actually did better missing her once we moved him into her room. I guess he feels as if she is still there with him. We began video chatting with her and that helped tremendously!! Although he still does not quite understand it, he has adjusted well! ( can't say that about mom though! It is never easy letting go!)

To end our year after much work and perseverance my Christopher received the Dual diagnosis of Down syndrome, Autism, ADD, ADHD, and SPD. We that love Christopher and are with him on a daily basis knew years ago that something was different with him compared to other children with Down syndrome. Now that we have it on paper we can start pursuing the help that he needs.

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