A Picture is Worth Everything: Why Photos Are Still a Must

If you've ever gone through your parents old scrapbook albums, then you know that nothing beats the romance of a good old-fashioned photo. There is something priceless about touching a tangible relic from the past, turning the pages of history, and seeing the progression of two peoples lives all in one simple book. Long ago, in the days of our mothers and fathers, giant, heavy handheld cameras we're the only option for capturing those grainy black and whites memories, but, regardless of how clunky the machinery was, the cameras and their respective hard copy photos served a very meaningful purpose.

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While the practice of photography is a very different game than it used to be, there is no question handheld cameras still have an important place in peoples lives (especially couples). Yes, everyone and their grandma can take smart phone shots and instantaneously post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Yes, smart phones and their integrated photo systems are fast and convenient, but smart phones will never be able to fully take the place of a real camera for many reasons.

For starters, the act of using a camera (as opposed to a multi-functioning phone/daytimer/email sending/text messaging/music playing hybrid) means that you will do one thing, and one thing only with your device take a photo. The saying if you are going to do one thing, then do it well applies here. That is, if you really want to take good pictures, then you should start with a good camera. Not only will you get all the best photo functions, such as: HD clarity, high intensity zoom, noise reduction, panoramic options and more, but you will also gain the desire to take well-placed and meaningful (rather than rushed) pictures.

With smartphone pictures, everyone wants instant gratification, which means that you can see your picture online in seconds, but more likely than not, the photos have been taken with a less time, thought and effort. The end result of this is that you will have thousands of semi blurry pictures saved on your mobile, but how many of them will be scrapbook worthy?

If you are planning on taking a special romantic holiday, capturing milestones or creating memories that you can print and keep for your children's children, then a good hand held camera is a sound investment that you won't regret.

These days there are several high functioning digital cameras that can take high quality pictures and videos, while also being compact, modestly-priced and easy-to-use. The Panasonic Lumix TZ40 for instance features has an HD, 20X zoom optical lens with video and creative panorama capabilities. In addition it comes with a whole gamut of technologically advanced capabilities such as: smart phone remote activation, WIFI for instant sharing and GPS tracking. Think of it as a top-notch camera that has all the tech savvy-smart phone bells and whistles as a bonus. That means you'll get the best of both worlds: great quality pictures and sharing capabilities just in case you have Facebook withdrawal.

Not surprisingly, Panasonic has targeted this gem towards couples in their new video, because, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and if anyone deserves the perfect photo, it's you and your loved one.

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