There Are Many People Who Have Been Affected by Cancer

Many people's lives have been affected by cancer. This can either be directly or indirectly. There are many different labs and scientists who have been researching different treatment options in order to treat cancer without the major side effects that normally occur with chemotherapy or radiation. One such item that is being examined is the effect of rabbit monoclonal antibodies.

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Many people do not really know exactly what cancer even is. Sure they may have heard of tumors or other items that are affected as a result of cancer but those are different items that result because of cancer. From a cell stand point, it is a collection of mutated cells that split and divide at a rapid pace. If they are not stopped, the body will be fatally damaged as a result. A tumor is a rapid growth of those mutated cells. Tumors are not the only things that result from cancer. It all depends on where those mutated cells are growing.

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