A Closer Look at Dry Eyes from Start to Finish

The eye is one of the most important parts of the human body. Vision allows us to see where we are headed and helps us to be equipped with the information we need to go about our daily lives. Understanding the diseases or irregularities that the eyes may experience will greatly help anyone in becoming more careful and prepared to take the necessary actions to keep the eyes healthy.

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One of the most common conditions that one needs to prepare for is the dry eye syndrome . Dry eyes Google search results currently return more than 15 million results; this is enough proof that a lot of people are interested about this condition. It is a pretty simple condition, but it may lead to more serious cases if not addressed promptly and appropriately. Proper understanding of the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and prevention will greatly help anyone overcome this condition in no time.

What is Dry Eyes?

Dry Eye Syndrome is medically described as a condition wherein the eye loses the normal or healthy amount of tears that it needs for lubrication and moisture. This condition mainly affects older people, but in some cases can affect anyone within any specific age group. In order to function properly, the eye needs a certain amount of moisture in the form of tears. Dry eye symptoms vary depending on the amount or level of tears; the lesser the amount, the worse the symptoms can get.

Main Causes of Dry Eyes

Understanding what causes dry eyes is the key to getting quick dry eye relief . The tear is made up of different components with different functions: water is for moisturizing, mucus is for evenly spreading the fluid, oils are for lubrication, and special proteins and antibodies are used for protection against infection. Any imbalance in the level of these substances in the eyes causes dry eye to occur.

Aside from this internal imbalance, there are also other things that may lead to dry eyes, including some or all of the following reasons. First is severe exposure to heat, dry air, or other environmental pollutants. When the eye is exposed to these conditions, the rear film may dry out.

Here are some of the other things that causes dry eyes : aging or menopause among women, side effects of some syndrome hormones medications or diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, or structural eye problems that further exposes the tear film to harsh elements.

Dry Eyes Symptoms and Manifestations

Different dry eyes causes are also manifested by different d ry eye symptoms . The most common symptoms include burning, itching, redness , and affected patients may also experience mild irritation . Some patients also report feeling that it's like there is something in their eye that they cannot remove.

If not addressed immediately, it can cause the patient to experience severe pain and could lead to a more chronic dry eye situation. On the other hand, there is a totally opposite manifestation of this eye syndrome; watery eyes. This happens when the eye sends the nervous system a signal that is experiencing low tear level. The eye then releases a large amount of water that is imbalanced; thus the eye is still not lubricated properly.

Different Types and Severity Levels of Dry Eyes

The overview covers symptoms and causes of dry eye syndrome . This section presents the different types and levels of this condition, which is determined by various things, including causes, symptoms , and the persons lifestyle or work environment. Evaporative tear deficiency and aqueous tear deficiency are similar dry eyes conditions. Although the former refers to having inflamed glands and the latter refers to having some dysfunctional portions in the tear gland, both results to tear deficiency.

Someones habit and lifestyle may also lead to the deterioration of the eyes health: dry eyes then follows. When someone wears contact lenses for prolonged periods of time or stays too long in front of the television or computer, this could lead to chronic dry eye condition.

Here are some of the other syndrome dry eyes types: KCS (keratoconjunctivitis sicca), lacrimal keratoconjunctivitis, and LNE (LASIK-induced neurotophic epitheliopathy. The different types are associated with different types of symptoms and manifestations, but they have one thing in common: there are different dry eye relief methods that can be implored to minimize their effects.

Steps in Treating Dry Eyes

The condition is said to have no cure; however, there are lots of available dry eyes medical treatments that one can do or take in order to minimize the adverse effects that this condition have on an affected person. There are various ways of treating dry eyes , and this is also dependent on how grave ones condition is.

Standard treatments typically include the use of artificial tears drops or ointments. Through this method, one can get instant relief from burning, itching , or the feeling that there's something in your eye. This type of relief, immediate relief that is, is also temporary in nature. This means that after just a few hours, you will need to use the drops again to ease the pain. Because of this, some people suffering from this syndrome relief, immediate is not the most important thing. They are looking for treatment options, including therapy and surgery for instance, that will help them achieve a more lasting alleviation from what they are suffering. Eye hydrating therapy and therapy relief masks are common choices. Through the use of masks, eye hydrating can be stimulated without the need for artificial drops or tears. Through hydration relief masks, eye tissues are stimulated to produce a certain amount or level of tears that the eye needs for proper moisturizing and lubrication. It is more long-lasting than artificial drops, but still temporary.

For those that are looking for permanent eye syndrome relief , the only solution is surgery. Through surgery, the ducts are closed, thereby permanently fixing the structural problems and allowing for the natural tears to come back to the eyes. This solution is a bit expensive, add to that the fact that more people fear eye surgery; thus the more popular choice for dry eyes: therapy relief . Regardless of which mode of treatment one prefers, it is always recommended to consult an ophthalmologist first for the best recommendation.

To summarize, here are some of the important points we have learned so far regarding this condition. With dry eyes, health of the eye is impacted as a whole. If not treated within a short amount of time, it can lead to other eye infections or diseases. We have dealt with the symptoms, causes, treatment, and types of this condition. We have figured out that inasmuch as there are physiological factors leading to this eye syndrome, such as gland dysfunction, someones lifestyle, habits, and environmental background all contribute to the increase or decrease in the possibility of being inflicted with this condition. We also know by now the there is no cure for dry eyes ; proven ways of treating the symptoms or manifestations however can be used to prevent the aggravation and minimize the adverse effects of the condition. Worst cases may have to be treated through surgery; more commonly though, a change in lifestyle and habits can greatly help in the treatment of this condition.

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