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I know that you only purchase organic food and products. It appears that the term "organic" has become very mainstream compared to a few decades ago. Have you always purchased organic products and how easy was it to purchase them when you first became a vegetarian?

I have purchased mostly organic from the time I became vegetarian. However, I did not know as much as I do now about it and why it is so important. It definitely was more difficult decades ago, but then again, they did not use as much pesticides as they do today. I also had a garden, so we grew many of our own things.

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It takes time when you change your old ways of eating and you learn little by little more about health and the benefits of an organic plant-base lifestyle. Why consume pesticides when we are already exposed to so many toxins without even consuming them. Look into the products you use on your body and around your home. You would be surprised how you weaken your body by ingesting chemicals. Tests have been done and haveproved that organic fruits and vegetables have a high potency of vitamins. I also like to support farmers markets and local farmers. The food tastes much better when it is picked at it's peak instead of picked early and trucked in to our supermarkets.

There can be a fine line between being active and exercising. Have you found that being active was ample for your well-being, or do you have a strict exercise regiment? Furthermore, do you beat yourself up, like the rest of us, when you don't get enough exercise?

What do you do, besides eating properly, to keep such vibrant and youthful skin?

I use 100% virgin coconut oil on my face and body. Besides eating properly, I laugh a lot, love a lot, I'm passionate about many things, and I have a positive attitude and take things as they come. And I don't worry about things that haven't happened yet. I forgive and forget, I'm not prejudiced or judgmental and I try to see the best in myself and not be critical. I believe beauty comes from within. When you feel as healthy as I do you can be in good spirits, so that is why I take care of myself with the best diet; live plant-based food.

My grandmother, who is 76 years old, says that she feels 30 years old mentally, but pretty darned old, physically. You are the role model for great well-being. However, do even "you" have physical limitations that come with age? Or, do you still get around as you were half your age?

I don't notice any difference with my age. I was in a very large workout class during a lecture last week with people of all ages. Many of them had to stop to rest during the class, but I seemed to keep up just fine and I didn't need to stop. I even took the following yoga class while others, younger than me, faded away. I certainly don't feel my age. In fact, I feel physically like I'm in my 20's. I don't tire easily. I get a full night's sleep and I wake up refreshed.I think it's my diet and green drinks. I believe you can talk yourself into anything. "They" tell us when we hit middle age that we slow down. I don't think we should tell ourselves these things. It's mind over matter. Whatever we tell ourselves comes to pass, so why not feed ourselves good, positive information and tell that negative side of our brain to keep quiet!

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