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What are the most important things you think I should be doing right now to prepare for my birth?

Families often ask me what books to read, what class to take and how to get ready for birth. While I am happy to recommend books, resources and movies to my clients and students, the most important thing you can do right now is to take care of yourself.

Eat well, sleep well, stay hydrated.

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If you can and it feels good, exercise. If you we're walker before pregnancy, walk. If you jogged, keep it up until you don't feel like jogging anymore, or until your care provider recommends stopping. If you swam, swim. If you hiked, hike. If exercise wasn't your thing before, check with your care provider about starting a new exercise plan. Most will agree that prenatal yoga, swimming or walking are all perfectly safe to pick up during a healthy pregnancy.

Why do I think self-care and exercise are such good birth preparation?

Birth is a powerful event. You are asking your body to do something amazing but difficult. In the weeks beforehand, treat your body with as much care and respect as you can. Get a massage, photograph your beautiful pregnant self, eat yummy foods and rest up. During your labor, movement will be a key ingredient to finding comfort and rhythm during labor. Keeping your body movement during pregnancy will make moving during your labor that much easier, comfortable and familiar.

If you want more specific recommendations about movement for labor, I invite you to sign up for childbirth classes. I teach at Cradle in downtown Northampton. I would love for you to join me for 5 weeks of learning with other families about safe, supported birth.

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