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Magnolia Dental is a family-focused dental centre.

We treat all of our patients like family. Ask us about our treatment options.

Why choose us?

At Magnolia, we make it a priority to provide a positive experience for all our patients. Our Waterdown location has been uniquely designed to create a friendly and relaxing environment. Our staff understands that a trip to the dentist can leave patients feeling anxious, and your comfort is our top concern.

Our dentist, Dr. Sapandip Chandi, is very skilled and compassionate, especially with children, having three of her own.

In addition to providing great dental care, we are also firmly committed to building up a great community through our dedication and sponsorship to events like the annual Artsfest.

Let us help you smile again.

Advanced dental techniques

Our skilled staff are trained in the most up-to-date, advanced dental care techniques available. With us, you know that you are getting the best dental care in the industry.

Whether you are looking for general dental services, cleaning, consultations or are in need of emergency dental care, we can help.

Our bright, modern facility is conveniently located in the No Frills plaza in Waterdown with plenty of parking and excellent accessibility. We provide comprehensive dental care for all ages. New patients are always welcome at our office.

Let us help you with our advanced procedures that can bring the shine back to your smile.

Dental Cleaning

Keeping your smile looking bright gives you the confidence you need. The CDA notes that dental cleanings should be done once every 6-12 months. If you are overdue, contact us.

General Dental Health

A healthy mouth is important to keep your physical, mental and emotional balance in check. Regular cleanings, checkups and dental care are crucial to maintaining your oral health

Dental Emergencies

Nothing can disrupt your day like a sore mouth or chipped tooth. We are experts in healing and repairing any dental emergency. Let us know how we can help.

Dental Consultations

Oral health is important for an individual’s wellbeing. We take our patient’s care very seriously. If you want to know how we can brighten your smile, contact us today.

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You Should Choose Magnolia Dental?

Here at Magnolia Dental we honestly look at being a dental clinic very seriously. All of us understand that when individuals are browsing to find a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown these people need the greatest. Therefore we do attempt to really be the greatest dental clinic we could possibly be inside Ontario. It's our resolve to remaining the winner that has gained us all this good honor with our clients.

As a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown we also continually aim to take time to hear all of our customers inquiries with extreme diligence and with absolutely no delay. All of us without fail go to the trouble. All of us believe that it's very important to ensure that clients feel really recognized and even taken care of.

Certainly, there are not a lot of dental clinic which own the correct expertise together with experience to identify theirselves as being innovator of their industry. Combine that in with our very high amount of consumer services and we certainly feel we are the perfect superb family dental clinic in Waterdown within Ontario.

Dying to start now?

It all begins with a call.

Phone 905-690-2121.

We will be happy to go over all your present dental clinic requirements at length over the telephone or perhaps through e mail if that is best for you personally. Then we will advise the answer that best suits your current demands. Hear the reason people do describe us as the very best superb family dental clinic in Waterdown!

Even Now Require Persuading? All the Arguments Why Magnolia Dental is A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown

Devotion to Excellence - A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown and A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown

Our commitment to top quality is amazingly excessive. If you are attempting to be a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown or a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, there is seriously no other option but to really do your personal best to stand out. In case any particular client demands further attention, all of us afford that particular customer additional time. Whatever is necessary in order to be sure they are thrilled with all of us as a dental clinic. Keep in mind, we do work with most of Ontario, therefore don't hesitate to give us a call.

Determination - A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown and A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown

Some consumers have occasionally labeled our services as a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown combined with the ideal Ontario situated dental clinic there could be! Honestly this doesn't develop unless there is exceptionally hard toil and also resolve for the clientele together with the top quality bestowed within your product. Whenever you will be looking for a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, we truly feel we are truly the better selection. Call Magnolia Dental to talk about your needs immediately! 905-690-2121.

Knowledge - A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown and A Superb Family Dental Clinic In Waterdown

With any given industry, experience really is a huge issue relating to overall results. In case you might be requiring a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, this is still more real. With being a dental clinic, we can certainly show you categorically that the end end result will be defined through the working experience of the firm that you are hiring. The enormously significant amount of expertise that Magnolia Dental has being a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, is simply precisely why you should rely on us all for your valuable patronage. If perhaps you might be browsing for a superb family dental clinic in Waterdown, think about Magnolia Dental. Remember to contact us all straightaway.

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We cannot get beaten. Just don't pay ridiculous fees merely because you couldn't approach all of us. Positive you currently have an unbeatable quote presently? Why not be completely assured? Consult with us here. You could just simply learn that we're most suitable price. Plenty of clientele have already.

Deciding the dental clinic to engage is a challenging venture. Otp for the best plan. You can call us with zero need to find out on your own if we will be the very best dental clinic for your needs.

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