About Magnolia Dental

We are pleased to welcome patients of all ages to our dental office at Waterdown, Hamilton. Our team is dedicated to delivering quality care and helpful dental treatments for a range of oral health issues. Our goal is to make you satisfied as you leave our dental office. We are constantly driven to help our patients, and this is why we take a careful approach to the dental plans and treatments that we provide.

Experience a comfortable visit at our dental office with our safe procedures and modern technology. Our team makes your safety and comfort a priority, and we can also speak other languages!

Magnolia Dental at Waterdown,  is open evening and weekend to ensure that we can accommodate your family’s dental needs at any day that you may need it.

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Why Choose Magnolia Dental in Waterdown


Experienced dental team

We are always devoted to our patient’s care and treatment, regardless of whether you have come for a routine checkup or dental emergency. Experience the unparalleled care that our dental team provide.

Personalized treatment plans 1

Personalized treatment plans

At Magnolia Dental, our Waterdown dentists customize your treatment with an exam and consultation. You undergo the necessary screenings prior to your treatment so you get the appropriate care you need.

Comprehensive dental services 2

Comprehensive dental services

Whether your family members are 0 or 100 years old or somewhere in between, we offer various dental treatment options under one roof so you no longer have to worry about your family's oral health.

Affordable fees 1

Affordable fees

We are pleased to help patients afford their visits to their Waterdown dentist with helpful payment plans, zero interest rates, and assistance submitting claims to your insurance if you have coverage.

Convenient location 1

Convenient location

Visit us at our warm and welcoming Waterdown dental office at 16 Clappison Ave unit d2-04, ON L8B 0Y2. We ensure that you can easily reach us for your dental emergency needs, even when taking public transportation.

Our Facilities

Our facility at our Waterdown dental office is well-equipped to make your visit convenient, safe, and relaxing.

Unique Offerings

  • TV during treatment
  • Financing
  • Wheelchair accessibility
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Latest Technologies :

  • Air Abrasion Technology
  • Dental Laser
  • Laughing Gas
  • 3d Digital Dental Scan
  • Computerised digital full mouth X Rays.
  • Painless Dental Freezing Technology.

Magnolia Dental Philosophy

Our philosophy of treatment is to treat every patient the way they would love to be at the dentist in a warm, comforting environment.  At Magnolia Dental, we believe that helping our patients smile and achieve perfect dental health is a privilege and responsibility. Every new patient at Magnolia Dental becomes part of our big family, where the patient’s optimum dental wellbeing is our top priority. Our compassionate dentists and welcoming staff make you feel at home throughout the treatment process. 

Our Patient-Centered Approach

At Magnolia dental, we have a unique way of delivering dentistry. Our patient-centered treatment approach is what defines us as the Most recommended dentist in Waterdown . Our experienced and caring dentists at Magnolia Dental will educate you about the best possible treatment options and your treatment plan will be developed by mutual consensus in which you will have the final say. Your treatment plan will perfectly match your needs, lifestyle and expectations.

Come see us if…

  • You’re looking for a dentist in Waterdown who can treat dental issues of your whole family.
  • You don’t entertain the idea of shuttling your family around town to different dentists for each problem.
  • You want to feel comfortable and welcomed by a trusted team that truly cares about you.
  • You want to experience a top-notch, modern family dentistry in Waterdown.

We value your time

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Magnolia Dental offers convenient and flexible appointments for your ease. For emergency cases such as severe dental pain, broken tooth, same day appointments are also available.

From the front desk to the Dental Assistant to the Dentist, everyone at Magnolia Dental strives their best to facilitate a great dental experience for you. Magnolia Dental is ready and waiting to help you shine.

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