If you ever had braces, dental crowns, bridges, or implants, you know how unpleasant the process of taking impressions can be. But did you know, there are several ways alternatives to traditional impression techniques? The result with digital impressions is often quicker, and more accurate and ensures easier workflow in dental practice. Hence, it’s beneficial for both doctors and patients. Here we will explore more about digital impressions and X-rays, how they are more beneficial and helps in speeding up treatments for patients, and many more. So, read on to learn more.

Types of digital impression:

Currently, there are two specific types of technology available for taking digital impressions;
One type captures a series of images of teeth, bones, and soft tissues using a digital sensor. Unlike traditional X-rays that use X-ray films to capture digital images; digital X-rays produce images that can be viewed on a computer monitor within seconds.
And the other type captures images as digital video.
Digital optical scanners are also safe and provide highly accurate results but require the teeth to be powder coated with special trays. This ensures recording all parts of the impressions carefully.
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Benefits of digital impressions:

Digital impressions, taken with 3D scanning technology, may provide multiple benefits that include:
  • Cost-effectivity: No increased cost for digital impression technique.
  • Patient comfort: Patients as well as the dental team will have a more comfortable experience.
  • Better treatment efficacy: The interaction between the patient and dentist has increased which has a significant role in efficient treatment.
  • Quality impressions: The digital impressions limit the error margin; dental crowns, bridges, or implants can be analyzed thoroughly and placed in a more ideal position. Along with digital X-ray, the digital impression helps to get precise and quality impressions that ensure a better fit to your teeth.
Benefits of Digital Dental X-rays: Apart from digital impressions, digital X-rays also offer several benefits over traditional ones including:
  • Reduced radiation exposure: Digital X-rays use up to 80% less radiation in comparison to the traditional X-rays making them safer options for the patient.
  • Improved image quality: Digital X-rays produce high-quality images that can be easily enhanced for better visualization. This helps to get better diagnostic accuracy over traditional images.
  • Ability to store and share the images electronically: Digital X-rays can be easily stored and retrieved electronically, eliminating the need for physical storage; hence making it easier for dental professionals to access and share images.
  • Faster image acquisition: Digital X-rays can be captured and displayed on a computer monitor within seconds; reducing the waiting time for patients; allows for more efficient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Environment friendly: Digital X-rays are easy to use and they do not need the use of film or chemicals; making them environ-friendly as well.
    Overall, digital X-rays are a safer, user-friendly, environment-friendly, and most efficient option for dental imaging as compared to traditional X-rays.

These days, digital X-rays are used for many procedures including oral surgery, dental implant, root canal treatments, orthodontic treatment, and more.

Digital Impressions at Magnolia Dental:

At Magnolia Dental, we use digital scanning for general dentistry. Now you can also avail of TRIOS intraoral scanning technology in our dental office. With this, you can help patients to create accurate scans in realistic colors and record dynamic occlusion as well. TRIOS patient-specific motion helps to capture the bite properly. Even by using TRIOS Smile Design, you can show the desired smile of your patient in just minutes. These photorealistic results help in patient acceptance and improve the treatment outcome.

Both digital X-rays and impressions have become increasingly popular in dentistry due to several benefits over traditional imaging technologies. However, it’s important to note, not all dental technologies have adopted such options. So it’s important to ask your dentist about the dental imaging technologies they are using.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are dental impressions done?

With the help of the handheld device, digital images of the teeth and gums are taken. The scanner uses a light source and a camera to create the 3D anatomy of the patient’s mouth. Once the images are captured, they are compiled into a digital model. This model is now used to fabricate and design veneers dental crowns, and bridges.

Is digital dentistry helpful?

The benefits of digital dentistry are many. One can get their treatment done with increased accuracy and precision. Digital dentistry has reduced patient discomfort as well. It has made record-keeping easy. Sharing and storage of files have also become easier.

Are digital dental X-rays harmful?

X-rays emit radiation and many people are concerned about that. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays only emit a smaller dose of radiation that may not affect you. However, if you are still concerned do not hesitate to discuss it with your dentist.

Are digital X-rays painful?

You will not feel any pain while taking radiographs. It will just take a couple of minutes.