Same-Day Crowns In Waterdown

Gone are the days of tedious appointments, multiple dental visits, and annoying temporary crowns. Same-day dentistry has revolutionized the dental experience for patients. Now you can walk-out of the dental office on the day of consultation with a smile makeover consisting of same day-crowns.

Same-day crowns in Waterdown use the cutting-edge technology of CEREC to fabricate beautiful dental crowns chairside on the very same day as the tooth shaping. Thus a dental crown made in the dental office with a computerized mill is known as a “same-day crown,” a CEREC crown, or a milled crown.

Let’s understand the science behind same day crowns

Chair side Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC, can fabricate same-day crowns, saving both patients and dentists a ton of time. A 3D image of your teeth, the other teeth and gums around it is taken using a small camera. On the basis of this 3D image, the computer uses computer-aided design and computer-assisted milling (CAD/CAM) software to first prepare a design or blueprint of the dental crown.

The dentist confirms the design prior to the fabrication. A computer milling machine will then produce your custom crown. The options available to your dentist will allow for better crown customization and a precise color match.


The step by step procedure for Same-day crowns in Waterdown

doctor appointment of same day

Examination and preparation of the tooth:

The concerned tooth is examined. The gums around the tooth should be healthy from a prior scaling appointment. Also, the RCT related pain / discomfort should have subsided. The remaining decay is removed and duly filled with cement.

Tooth preparation

A series of different instruments are used to shape the tooth to an adequate height and length. Enough clarity and prominent tooth margins are important to be detectable by the 3D camera.

The 3D scanner

The dentist then uses a 3D intra-oral scanner to take a digital impression of the prepared tooth and its surrounding structures, including the teeth and the opposing tooth. The data is then fed into the CEREC system.


The machine uses CAD/CAM technology to first design the crown. The dentist confirms the design and shade of the ceramic crown. The design is then sent to the milling unit, which starts cutting porcelain blocks to fabricate the same day crowns. The dental crown is then finished and polished.

The crown fixing

The dentist places the dental crown on the tooth, makes the necessary alterations, and does the final polishing. The dentist then fixes the dental crown with permanent cement.

Benefits of same day crowns:

  1. Convenience
  2. Comfort
  3. Saves time
  4. Save travel hassle
  5. Save the discomfort and over-precautions that come with temporary crowns.
  6. They do not expose the tooth to any external factors, reducing the chances of further damage.
  7. The hassles of transportation to and from the lab are avoided.
  8. The messy impression making process can be skipped
  9. Very accurate fit due to the 3D image that is prepared right after the tooth shaping
  10. All customization and corrections can be done by the dentist chair-side

The modern world is a race against time. All of us are juggling between work, children, and personal lives. Getting a smile makeover done, or a dental crown placed, seems next to impossible. The long and multiple appointments really hamper daily plans.

Same day crowns need a little over two hours! Yes, the entire process is that fast. The precision fit is admirable without any discomfort.

Same day crowns in comparison to traditional crowns:

An obvious question would be – are these quick same day crowns really reliable?

Well, there are a few instances where you may not be indicated for a same day crown. When are you not a candidate for the same day crowns:

  • You have been diagnosed with clenching or bruxism: in such cases, a metal crown or a gold crown is much softer for the opposing tooth. They prevent erosion and abrasions of the at agonist tooth.
  • When the natural shade of your teeth is a mix and match of many colors, then a traditional crown is preferred. Lab made dental crowns can infuse characterization for a life like look.

However, same day crowns are as reliable as any conventional dental crown in terms of:

  1. Durability
  2. Strength
  3. Precision
  4. Fit
  5. Comfort

Factors to be considered when fabricating same day crowns:

  • Number of teeth to be replaced
  • Position of the tooth in the mouth
  • Healing status of the infection of an RC treated tooth
  • Material of the dental crown indicated
  • Any orthodontic appliances to be combined with the dental crown

Same day crown cost:

Honestly, same day crowns cost pretty much the same as conventional ones. If your insurance pays up, it could cost around $215 to $650. Without insurance, the treatment could be slightly more expensive, ranging from $820 to $1250 or more.


You only need to make one appointment with the dentist for same day crowns, which saves you both time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a permanent crown the same day?

Yes. Same day crowns are highly durable, esthetic, ceramic crowns that are fixed permanently on the very same day, in th dental office.

How quickly can you get a crown?

Traditional dental crowns could take up to 5 to 10 days to be fabricated in the lab. Meanwhile, you are asked to wear a temporary crown. Same day crowns are fixed on the same day and the 3D impressions are made.

Can dentist do a crown in one visit?

Yes, they can fabricate same day crowns using the CEREC system and CAD/CAM design. The 3D impressions are made, the crown is designed, the ceramic crown is fabricated, and the crown is permanently fixed to the tooth, on the same day.

How long do same day crowns last?

With good oral hygiene, 10 years or more. Same day crowns are as durable and strong as conventional crowns.