Teeth Cleaning For Kids In Waterdown

Many parents worry about their child’s teeth and have a tough time judging how much dental care their kids need. They understand the importance of having cavity-free teeth and healthy gums. However, they don’t always know the best way to do the same. As per our expert at Magnolia Dental, kids do need extra gentle care along with their regular dental visits.

As we all know, regular brushing and flossing can keep your oral hygiene at par. Apart from this, professional teeth cleaning is also important. The same is true for your kid’s teeth as well. Even the best brushes and flosses cannot reach every nook and cranny of your mouth. Visiting a dentist for professional teeth cleaning can help keep your kid’s smile evergreen and beautiful. This will also prevent the stress and anxiety of undergoing dental filling treatment in the future.

When should you schedule your kid’s first visit to the dentist?

Kids can visit their dentist as soon as they get their first few teeth. However, ideally, you should take your kids to the dentist between one and two years of age. And if the thought of taking your child to the dentist gives you nightmares, rest assured that a visit to Magnolia Dental can be painless and even fun!

After a thorough dental cleaning, our experts will examine every nook and cranny of your child’s mouth. They will get into spaces that are not easily accessible to kids while brushing. They will see the problem areas with special attention: baby teeth that are coming or falling out and the position of adult teeth that will come out soon. We will also inform and educate you on what to look for and provide you with some tips and tricks to keep your child’s oral health on track. These tips are specifically tailored to your child’s special needs.

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What happens during a child’s tooth cleaning?

If you want your child to have strong teeth and healthy gums throughout their lifetime, you can keep it simple and consistent. Along with regular brushing and flossing, a regular visit to the dentist is necessary for whatever dental issues your child may have.

A good dental office can perform the cleanings in less than an hour. And your child should get habituated to spending these hours at the dentist.

It can have huge benefits that you will understand in the long run.

Our dentist will perform the following steps that you need to know before you step into a clinic for your kid’s dental cleaning.

  • They will review your child’s health history.
  • Inform them about the diet your kiddo takes
  • Experts will take X-rays of your child’s mouth.
  • Scrape any plaque build-up on teeth
  • Clean every side of teeth and polish them individually
  • Floss every nook and cranny of teeth
  • Examine the health status of gum and teeth
  • Review X-rays for any cavities and other issues

Importance of routine dental cleanings in child

  • Keeps baby and adult teeth in a healthy condition.
  • Prevents untimely tooth loss
  • Keeps your kid’s gum healthy and strong
  • Establish a positive relationship with a dentist
  • Empowers kids to take care of their oral hygiene from an early age
  • Brighten teeth and freshen breath
  • Helps to create a positive self-image
  • Improve the overall oral health
  • Saves money by avoiding future dental visits for fillings and other treatments that can get expensive pretty quickly.

Let’s understand how pediatric dental cleanings provide benefits in the long run

kids gum health

Healthy gums

Gums support your child’s teeth and play a significant role in framing their smile. Keeping your child’s gum healthy is important while their second set of teeth are coming out. Your child’s gum is also prone to infection as adults. Our teeth-cleaning treatment for kids consists of examining the gum and other soft tissues around their mouth.

We also provide tips and tricks for regular brushing and flossing to keep your kid’s gums healthy and disease-free.

Plaque and tartar removal

Dental plaque is a soft and sticky material that starts accumulating on your child’s teeth. The layer eventually hardens and forms tartar deposits. These are difficult to remove, especially between teeth and gum line. Our experts are equipped with special ultrasonic tools that gently remove the stuck-on plaques and tartar from those hard-to-reach areas. Apart from this, our experts also recommend fluoride treatment to strengthen the enamel of your child’s teeth. This will keep the chances of developing caries at bay. 


Watching for milestones

Children generally get their first set of teeth between 6 months and 6 years. Every child is different. The way their teeth erupt may also be different. The dentists will monitor the progress and address concerns related to your child’s teeth if they spot any.

Cost of kids' teeth cleaning in Waterdown:

When calculating the actual cost of their treatment, we consider a few key factors:
  • The current state of oral health.
  • New X-rays (if required)
  • For new adult teeth, fluoride treatment or sealants (if required)
  • The equipment required to treat the disease

Remember, no dentist can give you an exact quote over the phone. We would happily provide you with a more personalized quote upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean a kid’s teeth?

Routine dental check-ups, including teeth cleaning treatments for kids, are usually covered by insurance.

You might expect to pay as little as $0 to $50 with typical insurance coverage. Or you may have to pay anywhere from $63 to $200 and up without insurance coverage, especially for your first appointment.

Should kids get professional teeth cleanings?

Just like adult teeth, professional teeth cleaning and regular dental checkups are also necessary for your kids' teeth. Kids do need a dental visit as soon as their first tooth comes up.

Do dentists clean children’s teeth?

Your dentist can provide thorough professional teeth cleaning for your child. For the best teeth cleaning services for kids, get in touch with our experts.