Child’s First Appointment In Waterdown

There are many “firsts” that parents experience with their kids. First word, first walk, first birthday, first tooth, first day of school, etc. Oh, yes! For all you parents, the first tooth’s eruption is a bittersweet experience. While seeing those tiny white pearls is lovely, having to stay up nights with a crying babay is extremely annoying. Even more terrifying is the child’s first dental visit.

First dental visit:

The general population is scared of dentists, let alone children. The child’s first dental visit should be fun and memorable because it will set the tone for your child’s lifelong healthy habits.

When should you first take the child to the dentist ?

A million-dollar question!

Well, the simplest answer to this is, when the first tooth erupts or is erupting. 

Make sure the child’s first dentist visit is soon because baby teeth can erupt as early as six months! Despite how early it may seem, this visit is crucial to make sure your child doesn’t show any signs of tooth or gum decay and that their teeth are erupting and developing normally.

Children, adolescents, and infants can all receive dental care from pediatric dentistry. Children’s dentists are rigorously trained to treat and monitor a growing child’s dental needs in order to prevent protracted, uncomfortable dental visits as adults.

What to expect in the first dentist visit ?

talk and listen

Prepare the child first

Give a preschooler or an older child a general description of the visit to help them get ready for the first dental visit. The clinic, the dentist, potential instruments, potential face masks worn by the dentist and hygienist, and the dental chair exam light can all be described to the patient. Justify the necessity of visiting the dentist.

Building a rapport

The dentist needs to make sure that kids enjoy their dental appointments. You can accomplish this goal by keeping a positive outlook.

In general, the pediatric treatment area of a dental office is lively, with vibrant colors and animations that are appropriate for kids. Your child may actually begin to look forward to going to the dentist.

brash teeth education

Discussion with dentist about issues / concerns

The parent discusses matters like habits, diet, activities, and possible orthodontic tooth correction options with the dentist.
Children often develop habits that need attention, namely

1. Thumb sucking 2. Prolonged bottle-feed / breastfeed 3. Nail-biting 4. Grinding of teeth 5. Mouth breathing

Habit wreaking appliances can be given to the child


A typical initial visit lasts 30 minutes. Depending on your child’s age, the visit may involve a thorough examination of their teeth, jaws, bite, gums, and oral tissues to evaluate growth and development. A quick scaling may be used to get rid of plaque, tartar, and stains. The dentist gives you and the child advice on the importance of fluoride and shows you how to properly care for the child’s teeth at home, including how to floss. Depending on the age of your child, the dentist may advise X-rays to detect decay. A jammed baby tooth’s root may be affecting an adult tooth, so X-rays are also used to check for this possibility. Unless absolutely necessary, it is generally best to avoid taking dental X-rays of young children.

Treatment plan

Children should visit the dentist every six months, just like adults. A developmental issue can also be monitored with more frequent visits. The frequency of some dentists’ appointments may be higher, like every three months. The child may become more at ease and confident as a result.  

Child’s first appointment in waterdown

Your child’s first appointment in Waterdown will give you a good idea of how to look after your child’s teeth. It’s crucial to “brush” the gums, even if your baby doesn’t yet have any teeth. The best method for brushing your baby’s teeth when they do erupt is with a very soft bristle brush, just water, or infant toothpaste.

The mother or father can use tools that fit into their fingers to gently clean the child’s gums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should a child first go to the dentist?

The child’s first dental visit should be when the first milk tooth erupts or is erupting. During or soon after this event, it is best to consult a dentist and get a check up done.

How do I prepare my child for dental work?

To help the child get ready for their first dental visit, give them a general description of what to expect. The clinic, the dentist, potential tools, potential facemasks for the hygienist and dentist, and the exam light for the dental chair can all be described to the lid Justify the need for a dental appointment.

What should I expect from the dentist for kids?

The pediatric dentist must make sure the children have fun during their dental appointments. His dental office's pediatric treatment area is generally lively, with bright colors and kid-friendly animations. Your child may actually begin to look forward to going to the dentist.