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Sports guards don’t just protect your teeth. They also protect braces and fixed dental appliances (like bridges and dental implants) and protect the inside of your cheeks and lips from your braces in the event of an accident.

Knowing All About Sports Guards

A sports guard or mouth guard is a different name for the same thing. They can be worn over your teeth and protect them from any outside blows or thrusts. Sports guards are a necessary piece of equipment that is helpful for anyone participating in contact sports. However, they can also protect your braces and dental appliances (if you have any) and the inside of your cheeks from getting damaged.

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Understanding all your options

Sports guards are generally designed to cover the upper teeth. Apart from these, it will protect against broken teeth, lip cuts, or any kind of lacerations inside your mouth. A sports guard is always a wise investment for athletes. Any type of sports guard is better than no guard at all. Although, nothing can beat a customized sports guard specifically tailored for you by our expert dentists. There are a variety of sports guards that can solve the purpose successfully.

As per our experts, your sports guards should be tear-resistant, resilient, and comfortable to wear. A proper fit can provide perfect protection and will not restrict your speech or breathing. There are mainly three types of mouth guards that you can opt for. However, your dentist will choose the best possible mouth guard as per your needs.

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Stock Mouth Guards

They come in various shapes and sizes and are pre-formed. These ready-to-wear mouth guards often don’t fit well. Athletes find it bulky enough to wear. They either get distracted by these appliances or only wear it while playing.

In addition, these can make breathing and talking difficult as well. 

Boil and Bite Mouth Guard

They also come in pre-formed shapes but can be altered by boiling them in water. And after biting into the warm material, you will get a customized fit. Undoubtedly, they offer a superior fit than stock mouth guards, but they may not be good for everyone. If you boil and get a fit that is not comfortable or feels bulky to wear, you can also consider a custom-made mouth guard.
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Custom-Made Mouth Guards

If you are thinking these are our favorites, then, yes, you are right. And well, with a good reason of course! These are specifically designed for you in your dentist’s office. They are likely to provide the most comfortable and superior fit, along with the best protection. That is why most athletes prefer these mouth guards.


Our experts, at Magnolia Dental in Waterdown, are trained enough to provide you with superior-quality bite guards. First, they will take an impression of your teeth and create the mold for a cast model. This way, they will get a replica of your teeth. Later, they built the appliance on top of that model. However, the budget of a custom-made sports guard might get a little heavy on your pocket.

How long will these mouth guards last?

Mouth guards can wear down over time, and so does their efficacy. That is why mouth guards should ideally be replaced after each season. Replacement is important, specifically for those adults who are of growing age, as their mouth and teeth continue to develop into adulthood.

Remember that no dentist can provide an accurate quote over the phone. Finally, your requirements are as distinct as your smile. To learn about all of your treatment options and receive an accurate quote, speak with a dentist and have an oral exam. If you have dental insurance, we will gladly provide you with a quote to submit to them, so you can determine your out-of-pocket costs before making a decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sports mouth guard from the dentist cost?

The cost of a custom-made sports guard can vary from patient to patient. Multiple factors are responsible for the varying cost, like the type of material your mouth guard will be made of or the requirement for any prior orthodontic treatment.

A mouth guard usually costs between $100 and $300 with a typical insurance plan and between $150 and $350 without insurance.

Are sports mouth guards effective against tooth grinding?

There are various mouth guards available for different scenarios. A sports mouth guard can’t be effective against tooth grinding and can cause more damage to your teeth. A night guard is best for protecting your teeth from bruxism, or tooth grinding.

Which type of sports mouth guard is most effective?

Custom-made mouth guards are frequently preferred by athletes because they always provide a superior and comfortable fit. Many athletes prefer replacing their old mouth guards with newer ones when they go for their dental check-ups.

Will a sports mouth guard help with TMJ?

TMJ mouth guards are used to keep your jaw in the proper position. This is expected to relieve pain by preventing you from clenching your teeth together.