Same-Day Veneers In Waterdown

Dental veneers are a crucial component of cosmetic dentistry that can transform your smile. Thin shells called dental veneers are designed to cover the fronts of your teeth. They work by disguising visible flaws. An added advantage would be if the procedure could be completed in a single day.

Same day veneers are a special service provided by cosmetic dentists to allow patients to experience dramatic improvements in both their smile and facial aesthetics in the same day. The modern lifestyle is busy. Each of us is juggling work, family, and personal obligations. It seems nearly impossible to squeeze in a smile makeover in there. The lengthy and numerous appointments seriously interfere with daily plans.

Whether it be porcelain veneers or composite veneers, same day veneers save us a lot of time and hassle.

When do you need a dental veneer ?

  • tooth fractures or chips.
  • slightly misaligned teeth
  • Stained teeth – intrinsic stains that are persistent and resistant to teeth whitening.
  • gaps between your teeth
  • tiny teeth
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Same day veneers have a long list of benefits. Let's understand what these porcelain veneers have in store for us:

  • They don’t cause tooth sensitivity and are conservative.
  • Dental veneers require fewer adjustments to natural teeth.
  • They perfectly match colors and are lifelike.
  • Your smile is rejuvenated and modified by veneers.
  • They save time and multiple visits
  • They skip the hassles of transportation to and from the lab
  • They do away with messy impression making
  • They skip the clumsy looking temporary veneers
  • They are digitized – so high on precision!
  • Comfortable.
  • Veneers are resistant to wear and staining.
  • A dentist can easily remove them.
  • They require little upkeep.

What are the disadvantages of having porcelain veneers made on the same day?

  • A traditional crown is preferred when the color of your teeth naturally varies greatly from shade to shade. They made in a lab may have an added edge for a more realistic appearance.
  • Be sure before you get the veneers. These aren’t reversible – they are not snap on-nap off.
  • In the future, your teeth might become more sensitive.
  • You should be cautious with foods as hard as sugarcane or corncobs
  • Since dental veneers are only cosmetic, check with your dental insurance first!

Types of same day veneers:

Composite veneers or Componeers:

Composite veneers or componeers are enamel shells made of polymerized, prefabricated nano-hybrid composites that combine the benefits of prefabricated veneers and direct composite restorations.

These dental veneers are essentially same day veneers as well, made of tooth colored composite resin. Prior to componeer the cosmetic dentist used to only perform direct tooth bonding or composite filling material on the tooth.

The componeers come in handy for patients, as well as the dentist. Patients can receive a naturally attractive smile in just one session.

  • These are highly esthetic resins that adhere to teeth.
  • Easy to use and effective thanks to a well-designed system
  • When preparing teeth, ultra-thin veneers allow for a high level of conservation of the hard tooth substance.
  • The inner surface with micro-retentive properties boosts wettability and ensures a strong bond.
  • Composite materials are simple to customize

Porcelain veneers:

With CEREC porcelain veneer technology, veneers like same day crowns can be delivered in just a couple of hours! Today’s technology is advanced and precise. While you wait, the cosmetic dentists can design and create any ceramic veneers! Several aesthetic flaws can be fixed with porcelain veneers.

Same day porcelain veneers - common the procedure:

Examination and preparation of the tooth: The concerned tooth is examined. The health of the tooth evaluated.

Tooth preparation: Different dental burs are used to minimally shape the tooth to receive the dental veneer. The margins and borders of the shaped teeth are important to be detectable by the 3D camera.

A digital impression of the prepared tooth and its surrounding structures, such as the teeth and the opposing tooth, is then taken using a 3D intraoral scanner by the dentist. After that, the CEREC system receives the data

The CEREC device: The crown is first designed by the machine using CAD/CAM technology. The ceramic crown’s style and color are confirmed by the dentist. The milling unit receives the design and begins milling porcelain blocks to create the porcelain veneers. Next, the porcelain veneer is polished and completed.

Removable veneers:

Pop-on or snap-on veneers, also referred to as removable veneers, are quick and easy to place. Similar to retainers, removable veneers can be taken out whenever you like. Removable veneers serve only cosmetic purposes. They are not only same day veneers, but also a quick fix to any esthetic solutions.

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placing veneers

How is a dental veneer different from a tooth crown?

A porcelain veneer only covers the tooth’s front surface, enhancing the tooth’s aesthetics. Dental crowns boost the teeth health by encasing it 360 degrees. As a cosmetic procedure, dental veneers can improve your smile, but may not always strengthen or restore your teeth.

Taking care of porcelain veneers delivered on the same day:

It is highly recommended that you brush and floss your teeth twice daily and visit the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Your veneers will last ten years or longer if maintained well.

Before you leave the office, the dentist will go over how to take care of your new porcelain veneers with you. You must maintain the porcelain veneers in a manner that makes them feel and appear natural.

Let’s find out how much same day veneers in Waterdown cost :

A single dental veneer costs, on average, between $210 and $620 with a typical insurance plan. In the absence of insurance, a veneer would likely cost between $810 and $1220.

Factors that affect the cost of same day veneer in Waterdown:

  • Number of porcelain veneers indicated.
  • Type of dental veneers indicated
  • Delivery time – same day or conventional


Same day veneers are a premium form of treatment for smile makeovers. Honestly, it takes just two to three hours to complete everything, from preparing the tooth to fixing the porcelain veneers. The added time, expenses, and logistics of a temporary veneer can be entirely skipped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can veneers be done in one day?

Yes. About 3 hours are sufficient to prepare the teeth, digitally scan the preparations, mill the CEREC porcelain veneers, stain and glaze the veneers, and then bond them to the teeth.

What are same day veneers?

Porcelain veneers that can be delivered on the same day within a span of two to three hours. These are milled using the CEREC machine.

How long do you wear temporary veneers?

Temporary veneers are worn for a period of up to ten days. They are usually made of acrylic and made by the dentist to protect the tooth in the interim period while the porcelain veneers are being fabricated in the lab.

Are porcelain veneers a good idea?

If you're not happy with the way your smile looks, dental veneers are a great option. This gives a lot of people a much-needed confidence boost. It is minimally invasive, so it does not cause sensitivity.